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Under Armour Donates $10 Mil to Johns Hopkins New Breast Center

Under Armour Inc. has recently announced its largest charitable donation yet: $10 Million dollars have been donated to the Johns Hopkins Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center, specifically their breast health program. This is the largest charitable amount Under Armour has ever donated. This donation is a result and a part of the Power in Pink Campaign, which is raising awareness about women’s breast cancer and health. 

This new program will be called the Under Armour LiveWell Center, and will be located on the top floor of the new building that will be built at the East Baltimore Campus. The new building project, the Skip Viragh Outpatient Cancer Building, is named after a former patient, Albert P. “Skip” Viragh, Jr., who also announced his $65 Million donation earlier this week.

The new building itself will be anywhere from eight to ten stories tall, and is projected to open its doors in 2017. This new building will serve as the primary entry point and centre for Hopkins outpatient care. This centre will include everything from doctor’s offices, to patient treatment clinics, to testing equipment, to family education.

The Under Armour LiveWell center will specifically aim to teach women about breast health and disease prevention as well as providing clinical resources to local patients in need. The center also plans to heavily utilize the Internet and various social media avenues to reach women outside of the Baltimore area. 

Sources: BizJournals

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