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Tips to Keep Your Breasts Young

In a recent study done by the UCLA medical school, research revealed that breasts are ageing at a rate of two to three years ahead of the rest of the body, resulting in an uphill battle for long-lasting perky breasts. However, before you go see the closest plastic surgeon, consider some of the more natural ways in which to keep your breasts healthy. 

1. Sunscreen: Because we usually have at least a swimsuit covering our breasts when we are out and exposed to extreme sunlight, we generally forget to apply sunscreen to our breasts as well. Using sunscreen on your breasts even when they are covered can help protect them from dangerous UV exposure. 

2. Organic Coconut Oil: Because our breast skin is constantly being stretched through pregnancy, weight loss/gain, stress, and even monthly menstruation, it is important to keep your breasts moisturized. Natural, organic coconut oil is a great, non-toxic choice to help keep your breasts perky and healthy.

3. Support: It is thought that 80% of women wear the wrong bra size, meaning they are not being fully supported as they should. Getting yearly bra fittings can drastically improve your support, which will make your breasts more perky, help with back pain, and prevent slouching. 

4. Self-Check Ups: The importance of self breast exams should go without saying. You are the one who sees and feels your breasts most often, so noticing and addressing any abnormalities as early as possible is the best deterrent against cancer and other health issues. 

5. Workout: Working and strengthening the pectoral muscles is a very effective way to naturally lift breasts, since the breasts sit right on top of these muscles. 

6. Posture: Poor posture can affect many health related issues, but hunching can cause extra sag and droop in your breasts. Standing up straight naturally places your breasts in a more perky position. 

7. Nutrition: Disease prevention and anti-aging is highly determined by your diet. Maintaining a balanced, healthy diet is the best way to stay young from head to toe. 

8. Excess alcohol: Moderate alcohol consumption has its time and place, but excessive drinking (yes, even wine) can cause a spike in estrogen levels, which is a contributing factor in increased breast cancer risk. 

Sources: Fox News

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