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Ten Tips for Early Breast Cancer Detection

Breast cancer has been nearly an epidemic because of its increasing occurrence in women around the world. To better protect yourself, there are a couple of ways you can maintain breast health and catch the cancer at an early stage if it happens to develop. 

Start Mammograms Early: If you are over 40 years of age, you should absolutely be getting mammograms annually. It can’t hurt to start getting a random mammogram starting around the age of 25 as a precaution. 

Choose the Right Doctor: You are able to receive a mammogram at nearly any hospital, however, choosing an inexperienced physician could result in a false negative diagnosis. 

Pick Digital!: Digital mammography is generally much more accurate, especially in regards to detecting problems within denser breast tissue. 

Schedule Test Dates Strategically: Although mammograms are not supposed to be painful, some women find mammograms to be uncomfortable and even painful, even with breast soreness and inflammation the following day. Schedule your mammogram after your menses so your breasts are the least sensitive. 

Stare Fear in the Face: Many women avoid getting their mammograms because of the looming fear of what the results could possibly be. This is only making any potential problem worse by ignoring it. 

Self-Exams: Knowing how your breasts normally feel is very important. Since you are the who sees and feels your breasts most often, you can put yourself in control of identifying any abnormalities and addressing them promptly. 
Hereditary Risks: Knowing your hereditary risk factors for breast cancer can help identify which kinds of breast cancer you are most susceptible too, and can help with preventative care as well. 

Sources: The Health Site

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