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Squeezing Breast Cancer Cells Can Revert Cancerous Cells to Healthy Cells

 A new breakthrough has been reached at UC Berkeley; squeezing malignant breast cancer cells can revert these unhealthy cells back to their healthy growing patterns. Principle investigator and professor of bioengineering at UC 

Berkeley leads this investigation and experimentation. A nature vs. nurture aspect is discovered here. Despite the fact that the genetic mutations responsible for the cancerous growth patterns still exists, the simple mechanical function of squeezing and compressing the cells seems to reset the cells growth patterns to healthy ones. 

This works because the organization of tissue is sensitive to mechanical influences from the outside environment. For example, physical pressure can influence our bodies in many ways. When we lift weights, our muscles grow bigger and stronger and the effects of gravity keep our bones healthy and sturdy.  When we place this breast cancer treatment in this context, it makes much more sense to the untrained mind. 

Throughout a woman’s life, her breast tissue will shift, shrink and grow in a highly organized fashion responding to changes in her reproductive systems.  For instance, when a woman is pregnant, her breast tissue will form acini, which are structures shaped like berries that will produce milk during lactation. Healthy cells will rotate to create these structures and, most importantly, stop growing when necessary. However, cancerous cells will not rotate and do not know when to stop growing, causing the cancerous tumors. 

Mechanical compression therapy is definitely going to become a part of treatment for breast cancer, and maybe even other cancers. No one is, however, prescribing compression bras as a cancer treatment. Squeezing could, on the other, produce wonderful, successful outcomes without having to turn to the chemical means of cancer treatment. 

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