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New Pfizer Breast Cancer Drug is Achieving its Expectations

The world’s second-largest drug-maker, Pfizer, stated that, on Monday, the mid-stage study of their new experimental drug for palbociclin, or advanced breast cancer, met the main goal and is expected to achieve all of its desired expectations. 

Essentially, Pfizer’s new drug, when taken combined with an already established drug called letrozole, is proving to greatly increase the time that cancer patients can survive without tumor growth.

This drug is specifically designated for postmenopausal women with certain tumor characteristics that are found in over 60% of advanced breast cancer patients, making this new drug, palbociclib, a potential hit selling drug. 
If the rest of the studies continue to go according to plan, analysts have predicted the drug to produce annual global sales of nearly $3 billion in the coming year. 

As astonishing as these high projected sales are, many analysts consider these projections to be conservative, as the drug may also possibly treat blood and lung cancers as well. Results for blood and lunch cancer treatment are still pending, but if it can soon be confirmed that palbociclib can treat three of the main cancer afflictions, projected sales could nearly triple. 

The company is currently enrolling qualified patients for the late-stage testing with the approval of the Food and Drug Administration, who deemed the study a ‘breakthrough therapy.’

Since the release of this news, Pfitzer’s New York-based shares have jumped by over 4%.

Pfizer plans to present the latest study data at the annual American Association for Cancer Research meeting in early April, being hosted in San Diego.

Sources: ABC News

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