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Is A Breast Reduction Right For You

?Women who seek breast reduction surgery usually do so because they have over-sized breasts, a condition that is also known as breast hypertrophy. Although most cases of breast hypertrophy usually occur in both breasts around the time of puberty or shortly thereafter, hypertrophy can also occur during the time of pregnancy when one or both breasts get overly-large and then remain that way. There can also be cases of spontaneous breast enlargement for no apparent reason, however modern plastic surgery has become very good at treating most all types of breast hypertrophy conditions.

You might be a good candidate for breast reduction surgery if your breasts are larger than what feels comfortable for the size of your body and you suffer from back pain due to the weight of your breasts. Any woman with over-sized breasts that cause health and medical problems, interfere with daily activities, or cause related self-image problems might want to look into breast reduction surgery. Although breast reduction surgery is a non-life threatening operation and most patients are usually happy with the results, it is a major surgical procedure that does require some time to recover from. Most patients are able to return to work two to three weeks after surgery, however some localized swelling my still be present over a period of several months.

Most breast reduction surgeries are handled on an outpatient basis even though the operation does require an operating room and the patient will be under general sedation for about two or three hours depending on how much tissue needs to be removed. It is not uncommon that a slight lift procedure may also be needed when excessive breast sagging is present. The surgeon may also suggest small implants in order to provide the correct breast firmness. Most surgeons utilize an incision between the nipple and the fold underneath the breast to remove the excess breast tissue and create a natural appearance after surgery. Most of the scarring from a reduction procedure will be concealed in the fold underneath the breast, however some minor scarring may be visible elsewhere that will eventually fade over time. Patients will need to wear a supportive bra for about a month as well as avoid strenuous lifting or any exercise that might strain the breasts.

The cost of a breast reduction operation will vary depending upon the area of the country, the surgeon, the extent of the procedure as well as other mitigating factors. The most important first step is an initial consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon who will meet with you to make an evaluation and help you develop realistic expectations about the results of any breast reduction procedure you might eventually choose. That initial meeting is the first step toward the freedom of enjoying life with normal-sized breasts.

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