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How To Give Yourself A Self Breast Exam

?Monthly self breast exams are very important to perform from ages 20 and up. These simple tests only take a few moments, and can save your life.  By regularly giving yourself examinations, you will know how your breasts should feel, and if any changes occur you will be able to recognize them more easily.

By using a mirror, carefully inspect your breasts. First, put your arms down at your side, and then raise them up to have your hands on your hips. Flex your chest muscles.  Then raise your hands above your head. In each position you should be looking for changes in: color, swelling, contour, dimples, appearance of the nipple.  By using the tips of your fingers, firmly press down on your breasts, and check the entire surrounding area.  Move your fingers in a circular motion. Then use an up and down motion. After that, use the wedge pattern.  Wedge outward from the nipples throughout the rest of the breast. It is important to use the same technique each month, so you can more easily recognize the changes that may be happing in your breast.  By using the three different test motions, you will be able to fully check all areas that could change due to an increase in cell production, and later, cancer.  After you’ve run through the three patterned tests, squeeze the nipple gently. You are watching for discharge here, and if any occurs, immediately consult your doctor.  Now, lie down.  With a pillow under your right upper arm, and your right hand over your head, press firmly checking each area of the breast carefully. Don’t forget your armpit area too! Do each of the three pattern tests discussed earlier while laying down.

It is that easy!  The important part about self breast exams is that they are done regularly and consistently each month.  Otherwise, it is too difficult to detect any changes that may have occurred. Changes are what you are looking for, and when you find one, talk to your doctor and make an appointment immediately. Earlier detection leads to a solution, and a cancer free life!

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