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How to Deal with Breast Growth

?Every girl is in the same boat when it comes to breast growth, hormonal changes, and puberty.  Nothing about it is comfortable or easy, but your one step closer to becoming a confident woman!  It all starts out the same, you wake up one morning, you feel a little taller and you look a little curvier.  You don’t remember having this shape last week… and you can see a faint outline of what looks like breasts poking through your sleep shirt.   You start growing hair in funny places, and the girls at school are talking about getting their first periods…. You, my girlfriend, have started puberty!

So what do you do now?  Nothing at all, just let nature take its course!  Puberty is the transformation of a child into an adult, reproductively speaking that is. Girls tend to reach puberty and sexual maturity earlier than boys do.  Estrogen, a female hormone, is causing all these changes occurring  in your body. The good news, they eventually become stable and predictable. The bad news, you go through all your crazy hormone changes again when you reach menopause!

What other changes besides breast growth can you anticipate when going through puberty? You will absolutely grow taller and gain a little weight.  Most women reach their peak in height increases about six to eight months before they have their first period.  Hair on your arms and legs will grow a little more, and you will start to grow hair under your arms and in your pubic area as well.  Don’t be afraid! Congratulations, these are your first few steps towards looking like a real woman!

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