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Breast Pain: Lumps and Cysts

?Breast Cancer is a scary disease affecting women across the world. Lucky for us, this particular type of cancer is very curable if it is caught early. The best way to catch this cancer is knowing your body, and being aware of breast pain and symptoms associated with it.

Breast pain is very common among women of all ages.  With symptoms ranging from extreme tenderness to a sharp burn, reason for these vary. These pains are most common in younger, pre menopausal women. Breast pain is difficult, because there is very little relief available. Sometimes topical anti inflammatory medication can be applied. Danazol is a drug specifically developed for breast pain.  Most of the time, this does not signify any sort of cancer, however, the uneasy feeling it gives women is undeniable.

Self breast exams are key. If you notice any breast lump or changes you must immediately consult with your physician.  However, breast tissue does change throughout a woman’s life.  Estrogen and progesterone (hormones) fluctuate during menstrual cycles, also causing a pain.

Breast Cysts are oval lumps that are actually fluid filled sacs in your breast.  They range from feeling like a mini water balloon to a hard rock. Cysts are most common in women between the ages of 30-50 and are likely to disappear post menopause.  Unless it is extra uncomfortable and causing your breast a lot of pain, cysts do not typically require treatment. If they do however, draining the fluid from the cyst will give you some relief.

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