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?Many women know that the quickest way to look thinner and younger without going on a diet or having to start a new exercise program is to buy a new bra. The operating word here is new, because there is a new crop of bras on the market today that can make you slimmer and sexier in many ways. If it's been more than six months since you last went bra shopping, you might be surprised at the levels of fit, style and comfort delivered by the latest bras out there.
Most of the new bras are quite affordable too, which is a good thing when you consider that many bra experts recommend buying a new bra every three to six months because women’s breasts do not always remain the same size and firmness over time. Common causes of a change in breast size can include any dramatic weight gains or losses, the experience of going through childbirth or menopause and changes in diet and exercise routines. Any of these life experiences can trigger a change in bra size and require a refitting to ensure your breasts get the support they need.
While it's true that there is no one bra that will work for every woman, there are some great new bra solutions available for a variety of needs. Those women who need a little bust enhancement will find new choices to enhance their cleavage, like the new generation of high tech seamless bras with invisible gel padding that looks and feels like real breasts do. A new padded bra might make small-busted women rethink implants once they try one on for themselves. Conversely, many women with larger breasts might want a bra that minimizes their bust line without smashing their breast flat. A new minimizer bra will serve to reduce the overall size while giving the bust line more shape at the same time. Available in sizes C to DDD, many of the new minimizer bras are equipped with additional stretch panels under the breasts that push upward and deliver support where it’s needed the most. A good minimizer bra will also feature wide straps that are padded so they won't dig into the shoulders.
Although bras are marked and sold in standard sizes, they really aren’t very standard and the actual sizes can vary quite a bit by brand and style. This means you have to try them on to ensure a proper fit. Because many of the most popular style bras with seamless cups today provide less flexibility, it might be necessary to go up one size to get a perfect fit. Remember that in order for a bra to fit correctly, it should be positioned halfway between the shoulder and the elbow. Wearing a bra too high up can make the straps overly tight and put too much pressure on the shoulders too. Positioning the bra band lower on your back can also help conceal fat on the back. Before you step out to go bra shopping again, remember that the right new bra can make a huge difference in the way you look and feel.