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Abortion and Breast Cancer

The link between breast cancer risk and abortion has been a hot controversial topic between the medicinal and scientific community. Medical experts have denied any link between abortions and an increased risk of breast cancer, but Dr. Joel Brind’s new research proves otherwise. He is a biology professor at New York City’s Baruch College, and revealed his findings to TheBlaze in an attempt to make more women aware of this deadly connection.

Chinese researchers conducted a meta-analysis of the comparison and published their findings in ‘Cancer Causes & Control’, a peer-reviewed medical journal. Their publishing dictates that there is a significantly greater risk of contracting breast cancer if an induced abortion procedure has been done. In other words, high rates of induced abortion can contribute to high rates of breast cancer.

The study found that women who had at least one induced abortion had their breast cancer risk significantly increase by 44%. Second, if a woman has had two or more induced abortions, their breast cancer risk increased by a dramatic 76%. Finally, if a women has had three or more induced abortions, her risk of breast cancer contraction sky rockets to a deadly 89%.

Despite these terrifying statistics, leading cancer groups and abortion clinics deny that there is any connection, because the mainstream agenda wants to be able to promote ‘safe abortions’ in order to generate revenue.
Dr. Brind disagrees with the mainstream denial, and he intends to keep publishing and promoting this connection in order to save lives. He attests that even if just a few women find this research and it saves their life, then it is worth it.

Sources: TheBlaze

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